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Labor Support Services

You will receive unbiased, nonjudgmental support.  Together, we will work to achieve your desired birth. This service includes the following:

  • Up to 3 Prenatal visits

  • Continuous on call support via text, phone, email beginning at the signing of the contract 

  • Labor support at home and/or hospital as needed during active labor

  • Immediate postpartum support

  • Initial breastfeeding support

  • 1 postpartum home visit (1-2 weeks following birth)

Postpartum & Infant Care Support Services 

We will aid in the preparation and planning for your postpartum recovery and caring for your newborn to create a smooth transition into parenthood.  This service includes the following:

  • Initial Postpartum visit to establish needs

  • Providing evidence based information, as needed

  • Supporting Mother's Postpartum recovery

  • Meal prep and/or light cooking

  • Light cleaning

  • Running short errands for needed essentials

  • Continued breastfeeding/infant feeding support

  • Sibling Care

Ultrasound, baby, labor doula, pregnancy, postpartum and infant care doula
As a Doula, We Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks

Make decisions on your behalf

Speak to the staff on your behalf

Project any of our own beliefs onto your experience

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